Paddle chair

Paddle chair is the first ‘subject’ from Seven Subjects studio & is the story of the inuit paddling in his kayak, whom paddled out every day into the open sea to hunt and provide food for the family - journeys that was filled with danger.


One of the most important tools for the Inuit was his paddle along with his kayak.
The paddles were made of driftwood, valuable to the Inuits as there wasn’t any trees growing in Greenland. The Inuits reinforced the paddles with animal bone on it’s side and tip of the paddle. This detail along with it’s form language was the inspiration for paddle chair.

Paddle chair is made of solid smoked oak and oak and assembled with dowels. All parts are milled with a CNC machine

The prototype was built at a residency at Danish Art Workshop.

Aviaaja Ezekiassen