Moon Traveler table lamp

Moon Traveler lamp is the second ‘subject’ from Seven Subjects studio & is the story of the shaman’s spiritual travels to the moon. The lamp is planned to be build in the new year.

Moon Traveler lamp.  Render by Aviaaja Ezekiassen.

Moon Traveler lamp. Render by Aviaaja Ezekiassen.


The second subject’ is dedicated to the story of the shaman that traveled to all the gods and creatures in the sea or the sky to restore the balance in nature - journeys that was filled with danger.

With help from the beat of the Greenlandic drum, the shaman, who was all tied up and placed on the floor, went into a trance. To prevent him from being recognised by evil spirits on his journey he would paint his face black.

The lamp is an interpretation of this séance. Through the beat of the drum, which is represented as the shade, the shaman is calling the spirits and the Man of the Moon which is the light glowing through the shade.

The lamp comes in a light and a dark version. The base is either Greenlandic granite or marble with an (anoxidied) aluminum ring with either a grey tinted glassshade or a white sandblasted shade. The shade is rotatable demonstrating the dancing beating drum.

Aviaaja Ezekiassen