Concept and values

The name ‘Seven Subjects’ refer to the collection concept the studio works with. The studio aim to launch seven subjects (designs) every second year. Each collection will be focusing on different subjects that can be either philosophical or practical. The first collection works with fables and myths as a theme.


Each collection as each subject will be an experiment; a study in either our understandings and perceptions of a design or a study in how you can use a technique or a specific material in new ways.


We value great craftsmanship and seek techniques (from the past) and try to use them in new ways.

The studio uses honest quality materials. Marble, burnt wood, smoked oak, paper, glass and pearls, sealskin leather and patinated metals will be characteristic materials for Seven Subjects.

All furniture will be locally produced.


We aim to create process oriented exhibitions combined with a launch of the “final” subjects .
The purpose is to show the studies and tell the story of the subject the collection is build upon, that we hope will start a dialogue or a debate. Seven Subjects are in constant search for how we perceive the thoughts and values that are put into a specific design which makes the exhibition a part of the study.