About Seven Subjects 

Seven Subjects is a Copenhagen based art and design studio guided by the philosophy of ‘subjectivity’.
Explored through sculptures, lighting and furniture the studio believe that in contrast to objectivity (object) we create ‘subjects’ that is the collection of our individual perceptions, experiences, beliefs and cultural and historical understanding. 


The past, the present and the future

The studio believe that the concept of a design emerge through the synergy of the past, the present and beliefs for the future that the studio has taken as an aware approach. The founder of Seven Subjects is inspired by her Greenlandic roots and her upbringing with the Greenlandic and Danish culture.
Merging these two design cultures and combining them with todays influences on society, whether it’s global warming, sustainability or a talk about diversity, the studio works with these elements and try to translate them into contemporary forms of today and the future.